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WOW! likes quality and quirky items and this is fully reflected in the range of jewellery that it sells. Silver items set with real gems, sit in locked cabinets, but other display boxes contain jewellery made from chunks of semi precious stones, recycled items, plastic, paper, glass and even sweets. WOW! with Dorking Stationery run an annual competition in January, for the best wacky and wearable item made from stationery!

  • Jan Simpson - Glass Cufflinks
    Jan Simpson - Glass Cufflinks
  • Penny Williams
    Penny Williams
  • Sharon McSwiney
    Sharon McSwiney
  • Annie Sherburne
    Annie Sherburne
  • The Silvery - Silvered Seashells
    The Silvery - Silvered Seashells
  • Caroline Salmon
    Caroline Salmon
  • Yulia Hough - all sold
    Yulia Hough - all sold
  • Kevin Haine
    Kevin Haine
  • Glover & Smith
    Glover & Smith
  • Happy Elephant Silver  Rings
    Happy Elephant Silver Rings
  • Gail Klevan
    Gail Klevan
  • Sally Haysom - MyBearHands
    Sally Haysom - MyBearHands
  • Sea Gems
    Sea Gems

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