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The Silvery - Silvered Seashells

The Silvery take real shells or feathers and electroplate them with Silver or Gold. All are set on silver findings making totally original items which are incredibly light and yet quite strong! WOW Gallery have worked with them to taken this further, collecting shells on our favourite beaches, which the Silvery has electroplated, to provide our clients with unique silvered shell jewellery, that have a solid link to well known particular beaches - such as Watergate Bay or West Wittering!

  • Silvered Mussel Shell Drop Earings
  • Silvered Mussel Shell on chain
  • Silvered Winkle Pendant on Chain
  • Small Silvered Shell Pendants on Chains
  • Watergate Bay - Silvered Winkle Earings
  • Watergate Bay Winkle Silver Pendant

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