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Hilary Bravo

Hilary has been making her unique jewellery for over 20 years and has sold them at the Guggenheim NY, Liberty in London and various place in Japan!
She paints using opaque, transparent and acrylic inks adding fine lines of gold, silver and copper foil which she then covers in epoxy resin to seal her designs and give it a strong protective surface and truly beautiful result with the addition of silver findings.

  • Blue Green Pink  Gold Drop Earrings 007RDE
  • Blue Green Pink Gold Drop Earrings 003RDE
  • Blue Green Pink Gold Drop Earrings 004RDE
  • Pink Gold Square Drop Earrings 007 SDE
  • Pink Silver Gold Square Drop Earrings 0024SDE
  • SOLD Thin Oblong Drop Earrings No1
  • Square Brooch No4
  • Square Drop Earrings No 3
  • Square Pendant No7
  • Thin Oblong Drop Earrings Pink
  • Triangular Pendant 001
  • Triangular Pendant 0024
  • Triangular Pendant No6

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