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Annie Sherburne

Annie makes a whole range of different jewellery but it is the sparkly pieces with super vibrant colours that WOW stocks. Made by attaching stones and basically anything that sparkles which she has collected over the years - to bases - these pieces are all unique. Great to dress up party outfits!

  • A Sensational Red/Pink necklace with Daisy & Locket
  • Diddy Reddish Fanlike Earings
  • Large Clear Dragonfly Necklace
  • Large Red Dragonfly broach
  • Round Earings enhanced with beads etc
  • Small Golden Dragonfly broach
  • Small Necklace Set with Glass Beads
  • Small Sparkly Mauve Locket
  • SOLD Oval Green Earrings with Stars
  • SOLD Statement Green glass Necklace

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