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Phyllis Dupuy - Ceramics

WOW! stocked Phyllis' work until about 8 years ago at
about the time she gave up potting to be a portrait
painter. Recently she released an archive of her work to
us and those amazing pots (some with real gold leaf) are
now available to purchase.

  • Brown Medium Bowl with Gold Leaf
  • Brown Smallish Bowl with Gold leaf
  • Celadon blue green Flanged Vase
  • Celadon Ovoid Pale Green Vase
  • Gold vase
  • Grey little vase with gold leaf
  • Light Celadon Bowl with Gold Leaf
  • Lucy Rie inspired large Blue Vase
  • Pale Blue and Pale Mauve Flanged Vase
  • Pale Blue and Pale Mauve Ovoid Vase
  • Pale Blue Low Medium Vase
  • Pale Blue Tall Straight Vase
  • Pale Blue Tall Vase
  • Pink Bowl - small upright
  • Pink Small Open Bowl
  • Rich Blue Bottle with Gold Leaf
  • Rich Blue Bowl with Goldleaf 1
  • Rich Blue V Large Bowl with goldleaf design
  • Sold Celadon Low Posy Vase with Brush Decor

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